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Friendship Dating

Dating and friendship are two different things. Friendship is looking forward together side by side, dating, is when you start looking eye to eye, and see if there is something more.

The fact is when there are real friendships there is already “love”. Love in friendship is having a companion sharing the same dreams and ideals; developing love in courtship is the desire of being one. Love in becomes the renunciation and the gift of oneself. It is when you have to prepare yourself of willing to receive and give love.

Friends dating Pitfalls

Love when it is founded on real friendship is real care and concern; it is seeking the good of the one you love. Love between a man and a woman when it is started of with friendship is stronger and sturdier, because of innate capacity to communicate and truthfulness that friendship offers.

You start having pitfalls when you eventually started dating your best friend and you start feeling conscious of not being good enough. Doubting what you think and feel; when it is clear that there is something more. The tip here is always to be truthful and faithful, and be a real friend to your sweetheart.