UK Dating Sites

UK Sites

Like e-harmony from North America, in UK there are also lots of dating sites for UK Nationals, and if you ever find yourself not a UK National, there are some sites where you can join in. You can actually join in for fun free, with a minimal fee and deposit, after some time, you may upgrade.

Dating Direct

Its, the largest site in UK, and the great thing about it, is you can join even if you are not a UK national. The age however, seems to have an age limit of 45 years old. Like any other dating site it also have a long list of questionnaire, which will ask you to answer. The impression of meeting up a UK person, seems to be alarming at the start, because they seem to be cold, distant and formal. Once I asked a gentleman from England, why is it that they give people an impression to be very formal and up beat most times. The UK gentleman said: “You see, if you try living in London, you will know, its kinda cold out there, its hard to smile when its cold, it can make your face all cracking up!” And with that he gave a hearty laugh. He is married to an Asian lady. Despite of all the initial consternation of meeting up a guy somewhere in UK , I think the best option is to navigate on True, sometimes, it is best not to give all your credentials, at the start, which is typical for all of us, until we start knowing how a great person he is. The UK Dating sites, is a fun way to discover, how they can be very charming as a people, just like we read in happily ever afters.